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How does one become a Transgender?


There are two prevailing theories on what causes transgender. 

The first is called the hormone wash theory. All fetuses start out appearing to be female. During gestation chromosomes in the fetus cause the mother to release  a hormone wash that causes the fetus to either develop testes and penis or ovaries and uterus. It also causes differences in the brain that causes that brain to have either feminine or masculine traits. Many other traits are formed at this time as well, right handedness, temperament, orientation and many other human traits. Learn about it here.

This early "wiring" if you will of the brain predisposes a person to transgender and many other behaviors. 

The second is the nurture theory. It says the nature of the environment a person matures from child to adult has an affect on whether a person becomes transgender. The best known authors of this theory is a Swiss psychiatrist named Carl Jung. You can read about his theory on Anima and how it relates to crossdressing here.




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